Dove: Friends

January 11, 2012
by Mark Drager

“Content is King” is the much overused, touted by every speaker at every marketing conference, referenced by experts and non-experts alike, go-to-quote of the century when it comes to content development and marketing.

But perhaps Bill Gates, the creator of this famous line was on to something when he penned his 1996 article Content is King. Of course, if nothing else the article provided us all the catchy line “Content is King”.

Now for a quick tangent: I love documentary filmmaking. I love the way that documentary stories are these little gems that are sought after, found, a light shown apron them. I love that they could be these dusty, rough characters that are honed and polished. I love that they are real and authentic.

To fully demonstrate that content is king (like we need another example, but stay with me) we need look no further then the well crafted Dove: Friends ad. This ad, has absolutely nothing technically brilliant about it. In truth, it is quite plain and simple. And that’s the beauty of it: real, authentic people, speaking from a place of truth – documentary filmmaking at it’s greatest. What really makes this ad is a truly well crafted concept, authentic people, and tight editing.

The take-aways: like so much of what we do today, as marketers and business people we want to stand out. But in our efforts of being clever, rich or technical, let’s not forget what really matters – a strong concept that can be delivered – content that connects…

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