Crush the Competition with Insight Selling – #044 – The Not-So-Corporate Podcast

Crush the Competition with Insight Selling – #044 – The Not-So-Corporate Podcast

June 9, 2016
by Mark Drager

Michael Harris, author of the transformative book, Insight Selling, joins us on this week’s episode to talk about the power of using insight to position your services.

If you’re in a creative field there’s nothing simple about scoping a project and closing a sale. In our world of complex client problems, a hyper-competitive industry, and an increasing focus on commoditizing services, more and more prospects and clients are coming to us with an idea of what they need, how they want to work and what they feel it should cost; that’s a tough position to be in.

Michael Harris and his book, Insight Selling, helps explain and teach the steps needed to raise above the technical and logistical details that bog scoping conversations down. We talk tips, tricks, selling strategies and even run through a few stories – all to provide the most value possible for our clients.

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