Corporate Video for Not-for-Profits

Corporate Video for Not-for-Profits

August 25, 2015
by Team PHANTA

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Non-Profits & Charities: Giving back to those who give.

Charities and Non-Profits have a tough go. Dedicated, hardworking people, brought together for a common purpose; but it seems there’s never enough resources, time or budget. At PHANTA, we understand how to fight the good fight – and win.

So as an organization, how do you compete against the others, those with the bigger budgets or the larger staffs? Those with all the media attention or corporate backing? How do you stand out?

First off, it’s recognizing that producing video for the sake of having video is recipe for disaster. Focused objectives, a clear understanding of the business reasons behind the campaign and unsurpassable standards are a good place to start, whether it’s our experience working with small, local non-profits or national, fully back charities, we are the firm to work with.

And why is that? In truth, it’s our approach that differentiates us from the countless others. At PHANTA, our laser focus on exceptionally effective videos has lead to our unique production process, our ever-growing portfolio, and our amazing client-list.

Don’t think low budget.
Think high impact.

At PHANTA, we believe strongly in giving back to registered charities and not-for-profit organizations and that is why in 2011, we created a formal program to give back.

Examples of recent Not-for-Profit & Charitable Work:

The Giving Back Program aims to help Charities & Non-Profits in four possible ways:


a 10% discount off our total fee


extra value ‘adds’ increasing the overall production
value of the project. Where we think extra elements
could add tremendous value to the project, we will
include them complementary


work performed in trade for sponsorship opportunities

pro bono

for select charities, we will consider providing our services pro bono

At PHANTA, we’re eager to be connected with good people doing good work. We can talk about how we will produce this type or that type of video, but in truth, your organization has a business need. So rather than talking about the type of video you might need, let’s talk about how we are going to help you overcome your business challenges. Give us a call to get started.