Manufacturing Videos – Corporate Video for Manufacturers

Manufacturing Videos – Corporate Video for Manufacturers

August 25, 2015
by Team PHANTA

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Manufacturing Videos:
Putting the polish on the process.

All too often we hear from manufacturers, “if we get a client to come and take a tour, we win the business. The problem is some clients just won’t come to take that tour.” For these clients, we create sales tools that take their operations to the client. If they won’t come to us, let’s go to them.

There are others that are afraid that their clients will ask for a tour and see what’s really happening behind the scenes. For these clients, we need to create strategic sales tools that highlight their USPs (unique selling propositions) and downplay their internal issues.

Still others have a list longer than your arm of reasons why they are true industry leaders but fail to articulate and communicate their differences to prospects and clients. For these clients, we work with them to put their leading methods at the forefront.

Why are manufacturers facing common challenges? In our experience, manufacturers are great at manufacturing, but we’re brought in to be great at creating marketing and sales tools.

Now, if it’s experience you’re looking for, we’ve got that with a client list like BACKRACK, Fabcrest Metal Products, Pride Signs and Canada’s Best Store Fixtures – to name a few.

If it’s a unique approach you’re looking for, we’ve got that with a simple, proven process that not only allows us to produce exceptionally effective videos, but we make our clients look like internal super-stars (we don’t mind them taking the credit).

If it’s creative and unique work you’re looking for, we’ve got that with our ever-growing portfolio of work. Whether it’s for internal communications or external communications, we understand how to maximize each and every opportunity.

Don’t think marketing.
Think strategic sales tools.

Our simple, clear process-driven approach starts with discovery. Our Communication Analysis process allows us to work through all of the business and communications challenges upfront, gain a deep understanding of your organization and working environment and create the foundation for an exceptionally effective campaign.

In our experience, the following types of videos make a great impact on manufacturers:

  • Client Testimonials
  • Case Studies
  • Product Demos & Launches
  • Corporate Overviews
  • Executive Profiles
  • Thought Leadership or R&D Case Studies
  • Tradeshow Loops or collateral
  • In store or point of sale promotional videos
  • Plant Tours and Process Videos
  • Health & Safety, systems & regulation training

We could talk about how we could create this type or that type of video for your organization, but in truth, you have a business need. So rather than talking about the type of video you need, let’s talk about how we are going to help you overcome your business challenges. Give us a call to get started.

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