HOOPP – Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan
“Defined Benefits Advocacy”

Crafting a single message to connect with 320,000 healthcare workers on an individual level, to rally their community and grow, took extraordinary insight and focus.

HOOPP – Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan
“Defined Benefits Advocacy”

Crafting a single message to connect with 320,000 healthcare workers on an individual level, to rally their community and grow, took extraordinary insight and focus.
July 18, 2017
by Team PHANTA

WHILE HOOPP WAS ALREADY the largest and most respected pension provider for Ontario healthcare workers, they needed to continue to demonstrate value to their members, educate, and motivate a growing audience of mostly new, younger, part-time workers.

HOOPP’s goal was to create a message that explained its defined benefits programs in a simple way, convey the values of HOOPP, and engage an audience to consider taking steps to a solution that was very far off into the future. Given the size and nature of this target, it was a considerable challenge.


Working together with HOOPP to uncover and define the strategy and how best to engage this target audience, we realized that we couldn’t succeed with the same-old, same-old.

It couldn’t be stale or typical.

It couldn’t be about numbers, facts, safety, or security.

It couldn’t even pit defined benefit plans against direct contributions plans (something that is well-covered ground in this space).

The message needed to be candid and direct: Ask part-time workers to consider their futures, consider how they imagine retirement, and if they’re willing, consider HOOPP.


“We continually get great feedback from this video. Our unions are using this at their town halls all over the province!“


Our courageous strategy would need to overcome these challenges:

  • Convince multiple internal stakeholders to abandon a “features and benefits” approach to connect, and inform with an emotionally-charged video.
  • Reach a new segment, one that is most likely not considering a retirement solution (a younger audience may not be planning for the future), and motivate it to consider retirement options now.
  • Create a meaningful message for this new group, one that doesn’t alienate current members, but motivates them to rally and encourage support from the union members.
  • To be produced quickly. Considering the creative needs, the six-week timeline was ambitious, but a challenge we were eager to tackle.



Based on the budget, the timelines, and the unique project needs, we wanted to give HOOPP exceptional creative based on ambitious execution and our desire to not be satisfied with “good enough.”

This is the Alt text.

This is the Alt text.Still frames from the video.

Using rigour and strategically-inspired creative thinking (yes, the two should go hand-in-hand), we created a solution that would “show, but not tell” in both style and content.

The approach gave us the ability to:

  • Develop a story-based approach focusing on impact.
  • Ensure messaging doesn’t simply tell people about it key features and benefits, but rather shares core messaging around:
    • “Your future shouldn’t be a gamble.”
    • “You should be ready, not worried.”
    • “And if you’re not ready, and not worried, then that’s something in itself.”
  • Take a fresh, “indie-style approach.”
  • Share the story from a grassroots perspective, and creatively build it with an interesting design aesthetic (tabletop, high-speed production).



For this campaign, we produced an engaging, grass-roots feeling video.

HOOPP – DB Advocacy Campaign

We also have a glimpse into how the project was produced in this behind the scenes video.

HOOPP – DB Advocacy Campaign Behind The Scense Video



It wasn’t enough to just make sure we delivered extraordinary work on time (and on budget), or to measure view rates. We wanted to know that we helped HOOPP make an impact, and that came down to seeing firsthand how their members reacted to the messaging.

This project helped HOOPP…

  • Lead to an increase in a positive brand image.
  • Increase awareness and acceptance by the target audience, leading to an increase in part-time workers seeking information the pension plan.
  • Re-enforce the brand’s promise within its existing membership groups.



…Producing content that connects, leaves audiences with a positive impression, and motivates the membership.

This is the Alt text.


And judging from the feedback the project did just that:

“The video was shown at [an event] today. Huge applause and kudos – the audience loved it!”

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