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July 9, 2010
by Mark Drager

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You might imagine that being Tim-Burton-creative is what creative video services, video production and video services in general are all about, but you’d be misguided.

The old adage of a picture being worth a thousand words is that much truer with moving pictures, but the crazier and more attention-grabbing is not necessarily better.  When you plan on harnessing the creativity of video services, creative video services or video production for your next conference, it’s equally important to bear some practical magic in mind as well.

Think about what kind of message you want to deliver through video. You will need to consider product or service display, lighting or audio quality, video length, voice-over or spokes-person. These will not be obvious in your video production, but along with these unconscious clues, message and point-of-view saturates the entire project with meaning (from inception).


  1. Be clear and simple – make sure you’re saying ‘something’ and not being random
  2. Be succinct – a tight and focused approach will hold viewers’ attention
  3. Be direct & honest – thereby increasing the ‘trust factor’ that video cultivate
  4. Entice – images and quality audio of professional quality will be memorable
  5. Be concise – pacing and a timely length are vital
  6. Be choosy – don’t try to be too clever by cluttering your message (you’ll lose effectiveness through dilution)
  7. Be progressive – move from problem towards solution and if there’s some entertaining education to throw in!

Video services, creative video services and video production are creative by nature and that creativity needs breathing room to shine at your conference.


Creative Video Services for Conferences and Seminars

Whether you’re arranging a meeting for a few or a few hundred – a private seminar right up to a full-blown conference, creative video services and video production adds significant value. The video project might be comprised of event highlights or specific footage for documentation and education. If so if may provide:


  1. A valuable take-away synopsis for attendees
  2. An educational component for non-attendees
  3. An advertising promo piece for future events

Now that’s creative! Also consider AGMs, awards ceremonies, gala dinners, launches, fundraising events, receptions, road-shows and promotions. Not only seminars, but briefings, presentations, meetings, lectures, workshops, panels and symposia can be capitalized for promotional and training purposes through the format of video. With the popularity of e-learning, on-demand webcasting and live video streaming, creative thinking and innovative approaches through video add value and increase ROI by exposure to new and wider audiences even after the conference day has passed. Remember – in digital or web format, video is vital!

If you’re not sure about creative video services, video production or video services in general and how these could best serve your conference, but your gut instinct is shouting at you, call. Pick up the phone or send us an email at Phanta Media. We have a process that helps take companies from start to finish.  Through our simple and highly effective Communications Analysis, it confirms objectives, voice, targets and ultimately messaging.

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