Documentary Video Production Explained

July 9, 2010
by Mark Drager

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Documentary video production needn’t be a scary thing. We’re talking video using the principle of cinematic montage – the linking of related and relating images – to build a compelling point of view or argument. Ah, but not just any old images will do. This montage should take visual and audio, then using repetition and dissonance create point and counterpoint. In a Web 2.0 environment, that means using sound, voice, image, graphics and found materials to structure meaning. The production component of that particular challenge is generating and sifting through live interviews, video footage, print support materials, still photographs, clippings, graphics, music and a myriad of other considerations in order to shape that story into an inspirational, educational and engaging finished product. After all, it’s all about documenting. Showing and telling are at the very root of documentary video production.

Who can use documentary video production services?

Anyone with a message to deliver can use documentary video production. A short or long documentary may need to cover anything from:

  • Social issues
  • Outreach or advocacy
  • Cause marketing
  • Corporate partnerships
  • Public education
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Information training and workshops
  • Special event presentations

The medium is video, but the message is yours and the components will be determined by the approach. Whether the distribution is by television, streamed online, community screenings, conferences, schools, film festivals or projected on your office walls, remember the name Phanta Media. We specialize in “production” when it comes to documentary video production.

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