How to use YouTube Analytics

How to use YouTube Analytics

December 16, 2015
by Team PHANTA

Analytics are a powerful tool, that when used correctly can give you insights into what is working and not working about your content. For YouTube they can show you when your audience is engaged and when they aren’t. Here’s a look at how to use Youtube Analytics to improve your YouTube videos and channel.

You should understand that your analytics contain two forms of data; dimensions and metrics. Dimensions are the characteristics of your audience like geographic location or the sex. Metrics are the numbers that represent things happening on your channel, like a videos total views. These two types of information are important to understanding who your audience is and what they like and don’t like about your content and channel.

Here are the most important and easiest ways to use analytics to help your YouTube channel perform better.

Audience Retention

Audience retention is very important because the higher your retention rate the higher your search ranking. Use this tool to see when people are checking out of your content. Is your video too long or too slow? Finding the optimal pace and length for your video is key and this information can be determined by noting when people stop watching. Keep your videos quick and to the point and this will help you have a better retention rate.

Combined Metrics

Using your analytics take two metrics and combine them to make a ratio. This will help you determine how a video and your channel are performing. Here are three key combined metrics to look at.

Comments to views

You can tell if an audience is actually engaged in your videos by comparing the number of views a video has, to the number of comments on that video. For example, if your video has 100 views you will want to see at least two or three comments. Statistically, that would mean that 3% of viewers who watched your video felt compelled to interact with it. If you have 1,000 views but no comments, you may have a problem with your content missing its mark.

Likes to views

This is similar to comments to views but with likes. If you have a number of views on your video but no likes that means you should look at who your audience is in relation to your content. Maybe you aren’t attracting the audience you expected to. Using your dimensions develop a profile of who is really watching your content. Then take your content back to the drawing board and tailor it better to your audience.

Views per subscribers

This is another way to see how well your content is going over with viewers once you get them on your channel watching it. If you have a lot of views but a very slow or low subscriber rate perhaps, you need to rethink the promises your content makes vs. what it delivers.

There are many ways to use analytics on YouTube to improve your channel but these few tips will give you simple insights into who is watching your content and what they are watching, allowing you to tailor your content to your viewership more effectively. This will in turn get your videos more exposure and grow your channel.

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