Top Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Video Production Company

July 8, 2010
by Mark Drager

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So you’ve decided to take the plunge and hire a video production company to guide your vision to reality? Where do you start? If you’ve decided to hire a professional, you’ve already made one very good decision. The words of a flawed script can be corrected. Less than perfect editing can be reworked, but that once-in-a-lifetime moment when you have an elephant juggling all the plates in the right exposure and without shaky tourist-style camera movements is too vital to gamble away. Getting the shoot wrong means a re-take that is expensive and sometimes impossible to recapture. Video is art, but it’s important to ask the right questions to determine the fit of any Video Production Company before hiring.

The right questions and, more importantly, getting the right answers will help in this process:


  1. What’s the Process?The Video Production Company may be the “Imagine” of their sector, but organizing skills, focus on certain steps in the production process, the ability to grasp your vision – let’s call this personality – being too driven or too lacks, is important. Just like Goldilocks, the fit must feel just right to you.
  2. What Projects have you Successfully Delivered? Here’s where you view their previous projects and decide if the style, quality, caliber and professionalism is what you’re looking for. If you’re lucky enough to be a referral, then you’re a baby-step ahead.
  3. What are the Costs? Most Video Production Companies worth their salt can weigh your project needs, factor in equipment, location, development time, shooting schedule and editing requirements, and give you not just one quote, but a scalable range based on your budget. Yes, they should be able to quote you the $1,500, the $15,000 or the $150,000 project.

Note: Don’t be tempted by the cheapest quote. In the long run, a $800 per day professional may be the cheaper bet when up against a $600 per day body (considering the footage the $400 per day body may need more editing work to clean up and make presentable).

Lastly (and most importantly) ask what do you expect from me? (besides money, of course!) In a face-to-face meeting (or at least an extensive conference call, should distance be a problem), you must convey your ideas, let the professionals assist you through the development process and have the energy of collaboration spark the creativity.

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