Supporting Brands and Not Selling Out – #042 – The Not-So-Corporate Podcast

Supporting Brands and Not Selling Out – #042 – The Not-So-Corporate Podcast

May 26, 2016
by Mark Drager

Sean Schools, AKA Premiere Bro, joins us on the podcast to talk about his blog and fan site,, what keeps him going day to day, and his memories or working at an apple store.

In this crazy world of social media, Twitter and facebook every now and again you come across someone doing something really unique. That was certainly the case when we connected with Premiere Bro (AKA Sean Schools). He joins us this week on the podcast to share his story, thoughts, and motivations for starting his blog and fan site. We also go off on a few tangents that include a story about Kyle falling down the stairs, the difference between red and blue states in the US vs in Canada, and our both our love and hatred of FCP.

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