What to do when you have a typo in your YouTube video?

What to do when you have a typo in your YouTube video?

October 5, 2015
by Team PHANTA

On this episode of Mark in the Car, Mark isn’t in the car. Mark uses a mistake that was made last Friday to talk about typos in YouTube videos. Once a video is posted… what should you do?

Mark spends a lot of time thinking, talking, and driving. So why not combine them in the Mark (in the car) Vlog series?

Mark is also the host of The Not-So-Corporate Podcast and founder of Phanta Media.


Hey there, I’m Mark Drager from The Not-So Corporate Podcast.

And today I’m not in my car because I’m going to ask my team a very important question.

So, come with me.

Hey Louis.

-Hey Mark.

What is the number one rule of post-production?

-The number one rule of post-production? I would say not sending things out with typos.

Not sending things out with typos?


-What? Did he just plan that answer?

[Laughing] Leah, what would you say the number one rule of post production is?

-I would say… to be extraordinary.

Would you say it’s not…

-Of production and post-production… The number one rule of Phanta.

Would you say it’s not send stuff out with typos?

-No, I would not say that because Louis just said it and I feel like he threw me under the bus.

Why did he throw you under the bus?

-Because I made a typo on Friday…

You made a typo on Friday.

-And I feel terrible about it.

So on Friday we put out a video that had a typo. And it was a pretty, it was a pretty big typo.

What makes good creative?

We are missing the ‘r’.

But it’s on YouTube, it’s up.

So what do you do?

Well I was lucky enough to have Mike MacKenzie text me.

I was eating dinner Friday night and he texted me from Vancouver to say that there was a typo in the video.

Now the typo isn’t on the thumbnail, it isn’t in the post, it isn’t anywhere that we could change it, it’s in the video itself.

So what do you do?

Well the best thing to do is to not put out videos with typos.

What we tend to do is copy and paste everything into word to make sure there’s no typos, there’s no spelling mistakes, and then copy it into the editing software.

Obviously, we missed it.

Now, you know, for Leah, who edits the mark in the cars, I emailed her Friday night and she felt terrible about it.

And we went back and forth and we said, well what can we do.

If you upload a video to YouTube you have a few options; you can delete the video, fix it, and re-upload it but then you loose all of your comments, you loose your view counts and so that’s not really an option for some people.

The other thing you can do is to leave it.

Right? You can leave it there and just hope that no one notices it.

What we chose to do about it was to call it out and make a video about it [laughs].

And hopefully learn from it.

We can try and maybe create an annotation to cover it up or something like that.

I think what we’re going to do is we’re going to point it out to everyone.

We’re going to say, hey there’s a typo here. We made the typo.

We made the mistake, you know. It’s unfortunate but we made a video on what to do about it.

So key takeaways: try not to put up anything with typos or spelling mistakes.

Use word or another software to copy and paste to make sure that everything is correct.

And then if a video does go up with a typo you really have two options; you can delete it, loose your view count, loose your comments, and re-upload it…

Or you can simply leave it.

Unfortunately, YouTube does not have a functionality where you can replace a video.

Now if you’re using any kind of third party software.

If you’re using something like Wistia or it’s on your website you can easily overwrite it.

That’s something that you can do very, very quickly and very easily.

But on YouTube unfortunately you can’t.

So what do you do when you make a typo in a YouTube video?

I say you celebrate it.

And then you make your editor, Leah, feel bad about it.

Sorry Leah [laughing].

We wanted to have a bit of fun with this because obviously no one’s perfect.

And I’d like to know from the audience what would you do if you had a typo?

Would you delete it and re-upload or would you just simply leave it?

Because we were facing that decision Friday night and we weren’t quite sure what to do about it…

We chose to leave it up there and then have some fun with it.

Thanks so much for watching.

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