Franchising Video Production – FDM & End-Client

Franchising Video Production – FDM & End-Client

August 25, 2015
by Louis Vazenios

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Franchising Video Production.
FDM or end clients, we’ve done it.

The Franchising industry faces a unique set of challenges that often leave us feeling the push and pull of balancing the Franchisor / Franchisee relationship, and adding the end clients into the mix. Do we invest in franchise development marketing or end client marketing? Is messaging driven by operations or sales? Do we do local training and development or online? How many languages do we need to roll out to?

These unique set of issues are challenges that we’re all too familiar with, having almost a decade of experience working with Franchisors.

We understand the need to create an effective, dynamic Franchise sales process. We have experience creating learning and development tools for both eLearning and classroom environments. We recognize the difficulty of effectively communicating to all franchisees across the network where time zones, languages and different marketplace conditions affect the Franchisor / Franchisee relationship.

If you’re looking to work with a video production firm with extensive experience developing Franchise Sales Tools, including lead generation tools & trust building or credibility tools, we’re the company to turn to. If you’re looking for a firm to help with operations support tools, communications and legal video tools, we’re the company to turn to. If you’re looking for a firm to take your next Annual meeting to the next level, be that in North America, South America or Europe, we’re the company to turn to. It’s really that simple. Whatever you need and wherever you need it, we’re the company to turn to.

A targeted approach for the Franchising Industry

Our simple, clear process-driven approach starts with discovery. Our Communication Analysis process allows us to work through all of the business and communications challenges upfront, gain a deep understanding of your organization and working environment and create the foundation for an exceptionally effective campaign.

In our experience, the following types of videos make a great impact on Franchises:

  • Franchise Development
    • Franchisee or End-Client Testimonials or Case Studies
    • Franchise History Videos
    • Home office tours
    • Thought Leadership and Reputation Management
    • Executive Messages or profiles
    • Franchise Development Sales Process Explainer Videos (an online applicant centre that has a multi-step, video focused, educational approach through the relevant discovery information)
  • Operations
    • eLearning or live classroom video tools
    • Policy changes
    • Keynotes or Presentations captured at meetings, seminars and AGMs
  • Communications
    • Board Updates
    • Executive messages to the network
    • Long term project updates
    • New programs or product launch updates

We could talk about how we’ve helped our clients increase lead generation and sales. How we’ve produced content for AGMs in the UK, Europe, South America and North America. How we’ve helped organizations communicate to 1500 offices across 87 countries and territories. Or how we created a remarkably effective reputation management campaign when one client found themselves unfairly slandered. But in truth, you have a business need. So rather then talk about what we’ve done in the past, let’s talk about how we are going to help you in the future. Give us a call to get started.